Response Techniques - Dispersants

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API: Effects of Oil and Chemically Dispersed Oil in the Environment
API: A Decision-Maker's Guide to Dispersants
API: Fate of Oil in Marine Waters
API: Dispersants Fact Sheet Series
API: The Role of Dispersants in Oil Spill Response
API: Aerial and Vessel Dispersant Preparedness and Operations Guide
API: Industry Recommended Subsea Dispersant Monitoring Plan
CEDRE: Using Dispersants to Treat Oil Slick Dispersants
EMSA: Manual on the Applicability of Oil Spill Dispersants
ExxonMobil: Oil Spill Dispersant Guidelines
IPIECA: Dispersants and their Role in Oil Spill Response
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IPIECA/OGP: Dispersants: Surface Application
IPIECA/OGP: Dispersants: Subsea Application
ITOPF: Use of Dispersants to Treat Oil Spills
LUMCON: Dispersants Bibliography Fact Sheet
NOAA: Dispersant Application Observer Job Aid
NRT: Environmental Monitoring for
Atypical Dispersant Operations
NWACP: Dispersant Tools, Job Aids
and Decision Process
OCC: Initial Evaluation Guide for Dispersant
RRT 4: Use of Dispersants in Region IV
RRT 6: FOSC Dispersant Pre-Approval Guidelines
USCG: Special Monitoring of
Applied Response Technologies (SMART)