Response Techniques
- General

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Alaska Clean Seas: Technical Manual: Field Guide
Alaska Clean Seas: Technical Manual: Tactics Description
CEDRE: Response to Small-Scale Pollution in Ports and Harbours
EPPR: Field Guide for Oil Spill Response in Arctic Waters
EPPR: Guide to Oil Spill Response in Snow and Ice conditions in the Arctic
ExxonMobil: Oil Spill Response Field Manual
IPIECA/OGP: Response strategy development using Net Environmental Benefit Analysis (NEBA)
NOAA: Characteristics of Response Strategies
NOAA: Mechanical Protection Guidelines
NWACP: Oil Spill Best Management Practices
NWACP: Decanting Response Tool
RRT: Selection Guide for Oil Spill Applied Technologies: Decision Making
API: Net Environmental Benefit Analysis for Effective Oil Spill Preparedness and Response
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