Response Techniques - In-Situ Burn

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ARPEL: A Guide to In-Situ Burning of Oil Spills on Water, Shore and Land
NOAA: Health and Safety Aspects of In-Situ Burning
API: In-Situ Burning: The Fate of Burned Oil
IPIECA OGP: Guidelines for the Selection of In-Situ Burning Equipment
NOAA: Open Water Response Strategies: In-Situ Burning
NRT: Guidance on Burning Spilled Oil In-Situ
NWACP: In-Situ Burn Response Tool
RRT II: In-Situ Burn Unified Command Decision Verification Checklist
RRT VI: Guidelines for Inshore/Nearshore In-Situ Burn
USCG: In-Situ Burn Operations Manual
Special Monitoring of Applied Response Technologies (SMART)